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First Friday Series: Why (and How) PEO’s Can Help Their Clients Better Manage Finances, Presented by Payroll Funding Company


For many smaller and medium sized companies, the finance organization is either very basic or non-existent. For many business owners, finance is largely outsourced to a bookkeeper, a tax preparation firm, and the bank. In our years of working with PEO’s, Payroll Funding Company has seen the consequences of a lack of attention to the financial management.

Notably, the PEO is in a unique position to help their clients (at little to no cost to the PEO!) better manage some 

critical finance issues that will make both the client and the PEO better off. This presentation will offer perspective on a couple of key issues that PEO’s can be prepared to help their clients handle. The ultimate hope is that a modest improvement in the support of finance will have meaningful long-term impacts that help the client AND the PEO successfully grow over time, all while strengthening the relationship PEO’s have with their clients.

Speaker:  Brian C. Schartz, CFA, Chief Credit Officer, Payroll Funding Company

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